How you feel about Beyoncé?


I’ll admit it, there’s something about Beyoncé’s flawless and Nicki Minaj’s feeling myself that makes me feel incredibly capable and oh so gahhdamn fine! And I know it ain’t just me. Both these songs feature two ambitious women who are remarkably successful in music genres where many black women have traversed and stumbled.

Regardless of your feelings about the genre or about these entertainers, the undeniable fact is that these women work very hard to pursue and secure their goals of being global entertainers. I am mesmerized by their drive, their ‘beauty’, their millions and most importantly their power.

I can’t help but notice the incredible influence that these women have over so many people as a result of their wealth and the seductive power of their celebrity. It is inspiring and frightening at the same damn time—and for the very same reasons.

In the interest of space and sanity, I will make this a several part post with a focus on Beyoncé. Partly due to the buzz around Queen B’s latest hit “formation” but also because I’ve needed to write about Beyoncé for a long time. The woman is intriguing and I just used the word “inspiring” to describe her.

But what is her allure? Queen B really just leaves you in awe and I guess find myself wondering how she manages ‘having it all.’ When Beyoncé is not serving us a dose of powerful goddess on some music video or on a stage somewhere, she exudes grace, looks so genuinely happy and we know how ‘successful’ she is.

I have personally witnessed the Queen in concert and she is truly hypnotic, like she draws you in and you can’t stop looking at her, you want to sing with her, dance with her, chill with her and fucking be her –& that’s how the madness starts lol

The woman seems to be living her dreams and has built an empire & I want to respect her hustle, I even want to thank her for giving me hits that put me in Siren/boss lady mode. BUT I cannot get past her contradictions, her capitalist loyalties and her severely under-thought understanding of feminism. Still I give her the benefit of the doubt, I can’t see intentions but I want to believe sister Yoncé is not intentionally leading us astray in her Givenchy dress.

I want to really unpack my thoughts on this Megastar and what she represents without shredding my sister apart in the process. This ain’t about calling out as much as it is about calling her in. And don’t think I am completely delusional lol. I realize that the chances of Beyoncé reading this are similar to my chances of winning the Powerball jackpot once a month for the rest of 2016. Thankfully that is not the point of this post.

I am writing this piece to ask this question-

can you adore Beyoncé and stand against sexism, racism, poverty, exploitation and the many injustices that people are subject to based on the lottery of their birth? As I type these words, I cannot confidently answer that question. Can you?

Leave a comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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Till next time,

Peace, Love & Revolution


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