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Meet Gracey!

Grace is an incredibly passionate Nigerian writer, curator, culture critique, speaker, activist and blogger who loves discussing both local and global political issues. She speaks three languages and holds a BA in Political Science and a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Grace spent her childhood in Nigeria but truly began making sense of the world after moving to the United States and even more so during her years as an undergraduate student. Today,

she is a feminist-socialist scholar and is deeply passionate about education, justice, governance, history, economic rights and the politics of domination, race and class.

Her varied interests and life experiences have led her to pursue many projects that explore the social realities of oppressed peoples. She is excited to use this blog as a platform to speak to you about issues that light the fire in her soul. If you like the contents of this blog, please show your support by subscribing to blog updates and don’t forget to share with friends!

This Blog?

I want to talk about why I write and how I blog. You see I find that I cannot ignore injustice and I am deeply disturbed by powerlessness. For me this politicizes every social, cultural, sexual, educational, economic and even psychological  issue– everything becomes political.

I cannot bring myself to move away from the POLITICS because for me politics is about power; who has it? how did they get it? what do they use it for? when do they choose to use it?, what happens when they don’t use it? what is life like for the relatively powerless? and how did they become so damn powerless? As I analyze issues on this website, those are the questions I try to answer.

When I write, you’ll notice that I reference great theorists like bell hooks, Aimé Césaire and even build theories of my own. As a young woman who has MAD LOVE for (beef with & hope in) humanity, theory gives me the tools to properly situate and understand real life situations– it allows me to see a bigger picture and access other point of views and I think that is necessary because all of our perspectives are limited.

When I write, I write in a voice that I hope is approachable but still sharp because I don’t want to alienate folks from the conversation like many members of the literati…– BUT we are all intelligent beings and I refuse to insult the intellect of my audience by dumbing shit down so I won’t. If there’s ever a question of clarification (or any questions at all), leave a comment so we can clear things up.

I am an activist blogger, I don’t write to be published in obscure journals and I don’t write for clicks. I write because I must get my thoughts out of my head and onto your screens– for debate, for discussion, for digestion and to move us from conversations to action. I write for dialogue and for action because we must be serious in the pursuit of our ultimate goal- we must destroy injustice wherever it lives.

I hope one day my passion can pay the bills but right now I am just so glad you took the time to read about me, my high ass aspirations and my blog. I appreciate your time and hope you will be positively influenced by something I have to say. Whether you are or not tho, I’d like to hear why –so please do take the time to leave a comment. Thank you in advance for the feedback and the amazing conversations we are about to have 🙂

Peace, Love & Revolution

Storm starter and Peace lover★