Girl Cabbie by Day


Gotta pay the rent & bills somehow, gotta have that ‘day job’ but CANNOT do that 9 – 5…

No offense to the 9-5ers’s but I need some free time to build my empire and work on my dreams lol

So what’s paying those bills?

Right now, it’s not blogging lol

I am a rideshare driver, by day, by night, by weekend, by whenever I turn on my uber, LYFT or fasten driver apps to get (mostly) wonderful people around my lovely city 🙂

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to use the contact form on my page or send me an email, I am happy to answer you in the best way that I can.

Please consider using my codes or links to sign up either as a driver or as a rider with Fasten, Lyft and Uber!

For riders, these three rideshare platforms are a reliable and efficient way to zip around town, especially in cities where parking is at a premium or on nights out when having a good time and NOT having to worry about driving yourself home is absolutely necessary. Here are my codes to sign up, I get a small bonus when you use my codes and you get discounted rides (and possibly free rides depending on the current promos), thank you for using my codes!

→Fasten      → Use invite code: KM6596

→LYFT        → Use invite code: GRACEY

→Uber         → Use invite code: kpsv28b5ue

For drivers- This can be a full time or part time earning opportunity that allows you to make as little or as much money as you’re in the mood to earn…whenever you are in the mood to work! Think about it, then use these codes when you’re ready to sign up.

→Fasten      →Use referral code: KM6596

→LYFT        →Use referral code GRACE784200 or click here

→Uber         →Use invite code: kpsv28b5ue


When a new driver uses my codes to sign up, I get a commission and that awesome person gets a sign up bonus as well.

Thank you for looking out for your Girl!

Peace, Love & Revolution